Tuesday, August 28, 2012

San Diego Newsy Bits

When I worked in advertising, I attended several events hosted by SAFE, the San Diego Advertising Fund For Emergencies. The fund was there for people in the industry who experienced sudden medical expenses for things not covered by insurance. While I appreciate that the San Diego Music Foundation raises money for the future of music in San Diego, I think we are in desperate need of a similar organization to help out our music community when bad things happen, whether it be medical emergencies or stolen gear. It's great when we host benefits for our friends, like the benefit this weekend for Greg Willis who recently had a stroke, but it would be awesome if someone with some non-profit knowledge and know-how would get something going similar to MusicCares on a local basis. This week's news only emphasizes this need in San Diego. Be safe, San Diego.

Kelsea Rae Little Gets Struck By Car

From Kelsea's Facebook:

"This morning, at about 7:57 I was struck by a car while in a cross walk, on my way to work. I went up onto the car and my head smacked the glass and completely cracked the woman's windshield, and I flew to the ground where I landed on my legs.

I was taken to the ER in an ambulance on a stretcher and the whole shebang. For a brief moment when they sat me up to do a chest scan, my vision rapidly began to blur and my hearing started to fade. I honestly thought my brain was bleeding and that I was about to die. It was only the blood rushing back into my head but I was so frightened.

My scans have been coming back fine and my family is here. Lots and lots of bruising but I think I'll be okay. It was just one of those things that make you realize how precious life is and how happy you are to be alive. I try to remember this daily, but today I am fully feeling what I can only characterize as gratitude. I love you all, seize each moment, please.

And for god's sake, PLEASE double check that there isn't anyone in a crosswalk before you step on the gas ;)"

Andrew Snodgrass, aka Greaser, is recovering from quadruple bypass surgery at Mercy Hospital. We hope to see Greaser back on his feet and pouring your Stone growlers again soon.

From Andrew's Facebook:
"Just wanted to say thank you to everyone out there for the good vibes and prayers sent my way the last couple of days. Recovery has been tough, on both me and my family, but will be going home soon. No 32 year old should have to go through this surgery, even with a family history of heart issues, so please, do yourself and family some help by at least getting a check up from the dr every now and again. Wouldn't be such a bad idea to drink less soda, that shit's the worst for you, and eat some vegetables.

Again, I thank and love you all for everything."

Set Times for FYF have been released. Check them out here.


This Saturday, 9/1, the Silent Comedy will once again join the Dave Matthews Band Caravan at The Gorge in Washington. Here's to hoping the boys have fun on the road, and I'm available if you need another roadie.

We're all aware of the San Diego Zoo Panda Cam, but now the Safari Park offers Elephant Cam to watch the new female baby elephant born overnight. The Zoo has also collaborated with Leslie McGuirk and co-author and restaurateur Alex von Bidder to create children's book character Wiggens in his first fully interactive iPad ebook, Wiggens Makes Friends at the San Diego Zoo, produced by Skyreader Media. The eBook offers behind-the-scenes coverage of the zoo through the telling of Wiggens, a chocolate lab. You can buy the iPad eBook here (iTunes). Don't forget that Nighttime Zoo ends on September 3, so get there while you can.

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