Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday Night at The Casbah- SD:Dialed In Presents...

It has been a really long time since I've booked a show at the Casbah and after last night, I'm sure a lot of you are opting to stay home and chill because you can't handle a double dose of goodness even if I smack you in the face with it. (Yes, I'm jokingly calling out my friends who say they never see me anymore even though I'm out all the time...) Anyway, I've booked some awesome bands at the Casbah for Tuesday night and it's only six bucks and I didn't quite get my fill last night. So do me a favor and show up tonight. We're gonna make it an early-ish night, meaning you'll get home before the end of the Late Late Show and you can come hang with me and some of my favorites on a Tuesday night at the Casbah. Get there early enough, and perhaps use the Twitter Tuesday password (which will be announced later) and get in free with a guest. Even so, SIX BUCKS. That is really cheap to see Old Tiger, Lowly Spects (from Orange County), Western Scene (featuring Tom of Dynamite Walls), and Michael McGraw and his awesome backing band performing some of my favorite tunes. Show up. It's gonna be a good one. Promise.

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