Friday, August 24, 2012

Mayor Jerry Sanders Supports HRC & Right To Marry

I'm not sure if you have been watching "The Newsroom" on HBO, but this week there was a line that stuck out in my brain. It's when Mac, the News Night producer reacts to Brian, an outside reporter doing a news story about the show with whom she had cheated on Will, the News Night anchor. Brian is accusing Will of being hubris driven and making a proposed Republican debate about himself instead of the candidates. Mac reacts. "You know what I love about Will? He's not absolutely sure about anything. He struggles with things. He's never certain he's right and sometimes he's not, but he tries hard to be. He struggles with things." I know the show has its critics, but I enjoy the idealized portrayal of media "on a mission to civilize".

Sometimes in real life, our politicians actually break party lines, and today's ad, released by the Human Rights Campaign and Right To Marry, makes me proud of our mayor.

And just in case you needed a little reminder of how our Republican mayor came to his position...

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