Friday, June 07, 2013

Sandy Parts Festival Set Times

For those heading to Oceanside for the sold out SPF on Saturday, sponsor FM 94.9 has posted the set times. There will be two stages for the event.  Gates open at 3:00.

3:30-4:00- Soda Pants...FM 94.9 Main Stage

4:15-4:45- The Palace Ballroom...Red Bull Tour Bus Stage

5:00-5:45- The Mowgli's...FM 94.9 Main Stage

6:00-6:45- Family of the Year...Red Bull Tour Bus Stage

7:00-7:45- Capital Cities...FM 94.9 Main Stage

8:00-8:45- Youngblood Hawke...Red Bull Tour Bus Stage

9:00-10:00- Matt & Kim...FM 94.9 Main Stage

As always, if you will be consuming alcoholic beverages before, during or after the event, use public transportation or a designated driver...Enjoy the show...

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