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Photos: The Appleseed Cast | The Casbah 5.19.13

The Appleseed Cast @ The Casbah

The Appleseed Cast at The Casbah.
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The first time I listened to The Appleseed Cast was somewhere around 2001. [Note: I'm a young thirty-something and I just realized I'm a defunct TV show. Laugh if you're old enough for that.]
I have waited since the opening notes of "Fishing the Sky" first bounced around my ears, never thinking I would ever catch them live, but finally I could cross them off my long list of bands that I've waited patiently to see. [Second Note: I'm not a great writer, but a spelling champion.] Anyone remember them as December's Tragic Drive? No?

Tiny Telephones opened the show, sadly I don't get around to many shows since moving here from Texas, but I don't know why I hadn't yet seen this band. If I could curse on here, there would be many expletives on how much I loved their set. Very much reminded me of being twenty and seeing Godspeed You! Black Emperor(GYBE @ Belly Up in Sept.) for the first time. I didn't even want to photograph. I just wanted to enjoy the sounds and that's how I felt the rest of the show. Limited photos on this night for them and Hospital Ships, who were just as great and had some really great songs. Hospital Ships just wrapped up tour with The Appleseed Cast.

Tiny Telephones
Tiny Telephones @ The Casbah
Hospital Ships
Hospital Ships @ The Casbah

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