Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Mondo Cozmo Pens Blistering and Heartbreaking "The Ballad Of Vegas"

I love Mondo Cozmo. Here's a little secret: we almost exclusively listen to Sirius XMU or playlists on Google Play at home and in the car. So when I'm driving alone, I have Mondo Cozmo in the CD player and it's now been in there for maybe 8 months and it is my solace. I'm terribly sad I missed his other jaunts through town last year after his Casbah show, and if I could get up to his show in LA, I totally would, but it's just not feasible without making Nova ditch school. So I eagerly wait for him to book another Casbah show, or maybe an Irenic show, and listen to him on loop. I know I don't typically use this space for new music (because there are a thousand other music blogs who do that), this one is important and poignant and timely and beautiful. Don't tell me today's artists don't know how to write protest songs. (I mean, you saw my David Dondero videos, right?)

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If you would like to support organizations fighting for common sense reform of gun legislation, here are some good ones:

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Newtown Action Alliance

Everytown for Gun Safety

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America

March For Our Lives

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David Romero said...

Hey- Love Mondo Cozmo too. Had not heard this song. Amazing. Thanks! He is opening for X Ambassadors in May at HOB in Anaheim. Hope to see you there.