Monday, June 20, 2022

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Superdad Darren (Taken 3.5.22)

I have been building this post for a week, but it was just a dumb week. On Monday, I worked at Broncho and subsequently lost my camera battery charger, which basically cost half of what I made that night to replace. Darren had a few days off so time management is a little trickier when he's around. We went to the Zoo together on Tuesday, and of course that night I happened to eat shit when I fell in the Cool Critters house at the Zoo, so I was in agony that night. I did spend some time this week organizing my photography on my laptop, which was at least 6 months of photos just in one folder that I had to clean up. I worked for Cass McCombs on Wednesday but maybe ate something bad and was super nauseous the whole time I was there. A friend ended up covering for me, but I basically had to forego the pay for the 3 hours I was there since he was the one who had to deal with the end of show wrap up. All that and then there was recently some internet "upgrades" in my neighborhood that have left my wi-fi slow and busted all week and I just didn't feel hypermotivated to post. Thus the listings being so late last week, and this post barely coming out now.  

The week did get better; I got my zoo time in, Darren's Golden State Warriors won the NBA championship, I worked for Modern English on Saturday night with no problems in what was a pretty easy shift. It was nice seeing so many friends who told me they love my Zoo pics or still read this site every post, so thank you to you all for keeping me motivated when it feels like I'm just barking into the ether. On Sunday, Nova came to the Zoo with me for a couple hours and afterward we spent Father's Day with my family once Darren got home from work. Today, being the superdad he is, he took Nova and a friend to work and paid for them to do the ZIpline and I'm sure is spoiling them with extra treats around the park. I'm just trying to wrap up this post so I can go to the Zoo before I work for Orgone tonight at the Casbah. I am definitely appreciating that today is a holiday because work is a little calmer than most Mondays, and I'm going to go take advantage of that. 

Stay safe out there.

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