Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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Toucan at San Diego Zoo (Taken 6.27.22)

It was a really rough week for news. So much so that every time I've tried to post I kind of end up just slamming my laptop shut and walk away from it. But we live in California which for all its faults, still means something. I can't even delve into minority rule and how our state population of like 23 states combined or some nonsense, so I'm just going to focus on what I can, put this post into the world, and find joy where I can, which as you know means almost daily visits at the San Diego Zoo. 

Depending on what time I can get there and how long I can stay, I have a lot of little routines. Lately, if I can get there before 6, I try and visit the golden lion tamarins in the Parker Aviary, and this funny thing has happened; I've kinda made friends with a toucan. Where they used to kinda hide up in the treetops, this particular toucan is loving all the new attention in its aviary and when it hears the camera snapping, will come down from the top of the aviary, flying down and landing sometimes inches from my camera. Not claiming this is just a me thing, but it is pretty special when it comes right down just inches from you. Last week I missed a couple days and was jonesing, but then more than made up for it with near-daily trips except for Friday when I went to work with Darren at the Safari Park. That morning he bought me a safari, Behind-the-Scenes: Saving Giants, that took us to the Nikita Khan Rhino Rescue Center, where we got to spend time with Olivia, a pregnant rhino who is due in the next couple months, we got to see Future, one of the young rhinos conceived by IVF, and then we got to spend some time between the two elephant yards while they snacked on some treats. It was a nice day, though hot AF, but it was a great distraction from politics and the embarrassing onslought of fundraising emails by every politician and PAC and progressive group. 

And so I guess that's where I am. I'm a Californian who feels pretty powerless. All I can do now is find little bits of joy where and when I can. I recommend that you do the same. 

Stay safe out there.       

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