Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Art Brut, Princeton, Northern Towns @ Casbah, 10.28.09

Let me just say from the start, there are some shows I go to because I really love the bands, and other times I go because I want to understand why everyone else really loves a band. The latter could very well explain my attendance at the Art Brut show.

Northern Towns kicked off the night. I suppose I'd call them Irish Punk, and reminded me of all those Boston Taang!! records releases that Curtis has given me over the years. They're definitely more of a Ken Club/Tower Bar band and I'm sure they tear up house parties, but it just wasn't what I expected for an opener for this specific show. Not an insult or complaint, just a little random.

The same can probably be said for Princeton. They're sweet guys, I've seen them several times, and I really like their pop tunes, but they seemed like a weird tour opener for Art Brut.

I guess the magic of all of that, is that when Art Brut hits the stage, you really can't imagine anyone that should open for them. I tried listening to their latest release and just couldn't make myself get past a couple songs. Still, there I was, front row with Natalie hoping to 'get it'. And holy cow, consider me converted. From the first note to the very last, I was entertained. Eddie Argos is hilarious, energetic, and with his stature and bravado, commangs the stage and the crowd. I was only going to grab a couple songs, but ended up just going with it... so here's a video; the rest are after the jump if you click 'keep on reading'. Again I had issues with the lighting, but their lighting was full on darkness to full power lights, and a whole lot of flashing in between, so hopefully you can enjoy these to some degree.

Setlist (as written):
Formed A Band
Little Brother
Summer Job
Good Weekend
Rusted Gun of Milan
Modern Art
St Pauli
Slap Dash
Pump Up The Volume
Alcoholics Unanimous
Emily Kane
The Passenger
SC Comics
Bang Bang Rock and Roll
These Animal Menswear
Post Soothing Out

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