Friday, November 06, 2009

Videos: Sea Wolf & Sara Lov at Belly Up, 11.5.09

Last night was busy. We started at M-Theory, went to dinner at Urban Solace (delicious but next time I'm getting the chicken), swung by Queen Bee's to say hi to the boys in Holy Rolling Empire, then went to Belly Up for Sara Lov and Sea Wolf. Not to mention after the show, catching the end of the Bloodflowers set at Bar Pink and me finishing my night with my friends at the Ken Club and then doing the weekend listings till 6 am. So there. Please don't ever tell me you're tired...but back to the Belly Up.

Sea Wolf always delivers a solid performance and I guess I've seen them about 4 times now and they're the kind of band that I may not listen to all the time around the house, then I see them and remember all of my favorite songs and then go back into a Sea Wolf phase. A reviewer said they were like Arcade Fire and I totally don't get that vibe at all. Alex reminds me more of Jeff Tweedy and Wilco circa- A.M. but maybe that's not entirely accurate either. Regardless, I love the band, and opener Sara Lov didn't disappoint either. She was actually pretty hilarious because she wasn't able to bring a backup band on the road, so she explained that she had them record their parts and then pressed them to vinyl. So aside from a couple songs with a couple Sea Wolf members, she played along with a record player. I'm a little bummed I didn't record her Arcade Fire cover of "My Body Is A Cage", but you can listen to it on her MySpace page.

Anyway, this was actually the last Sea Wolf video I recorded of the night, but I imagine there are gonna be a bunch of Twi-hards looking for this song, as it appears on the Twilight: New Moon soundtrack...(and I have to say, I haven't seen the 1st movie or read the books, but the soundtrack stands alone as a killer compilation of music). The rest of the videos from the night if you 'keep on reading'.

Sea Wolf "The Violet Hour"

(This was my favorite song of the night)

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