Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Land of Talk, Eulogies, Black Mamba @ Casbah, 10.26.09

You're thinking, "Hey Rosey! Your title would indicate this is a post about music, so why a picture of your niece?" The reason is simple. There was light. I have been having increasing problems with the lighting at Casbah and it's just not fun taking pictures there sometimes. So before the Black Mamba, Eulogies, and Land of Talk show, I spent the day with my family, with my uncle Willie who was visiting from Indiana, and frankly it's just cuter than anything I could've posted from the show.

It was actually pretty funny because I asked the sound guy if he could turn up the lights and he said that Aimee had requested them dim. Dim, not closet dark, I imagine. If you haven't yet seen Black Mambe, you should really remedy that soon. Aimee has a beautiful sweet voice and her onstage shyness is completely endearing, especially because it contrasts with her belting out her sweet melodies.

I encountered similar difficulties with Eulogies, who have the stage totally dark except for their retro photo slides that are projected onto the bass drum. I really love this band and I know I'm always talking about Dangerbird Records, but seriously, show me a single band on their roster that isn't great. Since photos and videos were a waste of time(and since I figured Natalie was standing right next to me shooting) I just enjoyed the band. They were showcasing music from their latest release, Here Anonymous, and since last time they were here, Peter wasn't feeling well, they could really get into the show a whole lot more. As did I.

Land of Talk was headlining the night and I was only slighly familiar with some random tracks, but knew of the Broken Social Scene connection and was looking forward to the show. Lead vocalist, Lizzie was quirky and quite funny in her comments between songs. Their Facebook bio says "Land of Talk is a female-fronted guitar rock juggernaut . They have been described as a destructive Stevie Nicks/Blonde Redhead mutant, Will Oldham meets Sonic Youth, and as a PJ Harvey-meets-Crazy Horse type creature," and I'm comfortable with that comparison. I didn't take photos of this band either, but I did shoot a couple videos, only because you could ALMOST see them onstage. Man, I have got to talk to Tim about those lights. Anyhow, enjoy the videos, at least the sound is decent. Here's one, the other two if you click 'keep on reading'.

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kerm said...

i love land of talk. i was at that show & remember being quite surprised at how many people came out on a tuesday. thanks for taking the video!