Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Heavy & The Styletones, Casbah, 10.23.09

I skipped the Why? show on Thursday night at the Loft so when Friday rolled around, I was rearing to go. There were a bunch of things going on that night, too, but I was committed to catching The Heavy once again, as well as seeing The Styletones for their debut Casbah performance. It was a fun Friday- I definitely prefer loud shows on the weekend so the warriors can get a bit more rowdy, and the dancefloor was bouncin. I have to be honest that I definitely enjoyed The Heavy more the last time around, maybe because that show sold out. Following The Styletones made it hard, too, because The Heavy plays to tracks whereas The Styletones have a full horn section. Tough to fill the room with backing tracks, but I'm sure bringing a horn section from the UK just isn't cost effective.

You can see two videos from The Heavy if you 'keep on reading'. That night ended up being a really good one, hitting up Nunu's after the show where I ran into some old friends. I love nights like that.

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