Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Drive Like Jehu Return For "Rock 'n' Roll Organ" August 31

I'm at Balboa Park and just ran into Rob Crow (with kids in tow) and I realized I completely spaced on writing this post, which is why I'm vigorously swyping on my phone.
So here's the deal as I know it. Dang from Bar Pink is on the Board for the Organ Pavilion. Dang from Bar Pink is awesome and wanted something refreshing and new at the Organ Pavilion's 2014 International Summer Organ Festival. Dang from Bar Pink coordinated a special concert on Sunday, August 31 from 7-8pm. The first half hour will feature Civic Organist Carol Williams, and the second half hour she will play along with DRIVE LIKE JEHU!!!
This is a reunion that San Diego music fans have been asking about for years. The show will be free and all ages. Obviously, YOU need to mark your calendar and save the date.

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