Friday, July 21, 2017

#Wired Party @ #ComicCon2017 Breakdancing Dance Off

I know I didn't post much on Thursday, but I'm really trying to just take in all the fun and snap a ton of photos that I can post later. The Wired Party at the Omni is back this year and while last year they cut back to just one day, this year they're back to three days. DJ Artistic plays the perfect mix of music, the drinks flow generously, and everyone swarms to the hot tray line when they bring out chicken fingers. So this little dance-off broke out with 11 year old actor Miles Brown (aka Little Boogaloo). I regret that I don't know the other kids--whether they're friends or siblings, but apparently Miles' dad is WildChild of Lootpack. When Art played their jam, apparently that was enough to get the kids going. And it was awesome.

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