Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Photos: Chicano Batman at The Observatory, December 30, 2017

It was such a treat to have Chicano Batman back in San Diego. When I saw them for the first time at the Griffin five or six years back, it was hard to imagine that they'd gain such an eclectic following in San Diego, but here they are selling out The Observatory with an audience varying from white indie-rockers to cholos and Xicanas and everybody in between.

Darren had been fighting off the sickness that has knocked out much of San Diego, but he was finally feeling somewhat better and no longer contagious, so it was sweet that he was able to come for this show since we'd been anticipating it for so long, especially since we'd missed BeerX and had such terrible sightlines when we caught them at Music Box.

Anyhow, if you missed it, check out this politically charged video for "Freedom Is Free". More pictures after the jump.

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