Sunday, November 25, 2018

Photos: Old Sea Brigade, Frances Cone, Tall Heights at House of Blues Voodoo Room, 11.4.2018

I generally post my photos with the headliner at the top, but on December 4th, I went to the House of Blues Voodoo Room as a guest of Old Sea Brigade, who was opening the show. I decided to stick around for Frances Cone and Tall Heights, and it ended up being an all-around great show. It had also been awhile since I'd been to the Voodoo Room and I totally appreciated the stage renovations. The crowd was small so the fact there wasn't a photo barrier wasn't a problem. There was a group of people up front who seemed more concerned with what flavored vodka was available at the bar than the show, but once they settled down, the rest of the show was pretty awesome.

Full pics from the show are after the jump. I also shot a couple videos of Old Sea Brigade that are after the jump as well.

Frances Cone

Tall Heights

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