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Rosey's Read and Watch List April 2019: GoT | The Nix | Local Politics | Snowplow Parenting and more

The San Diego Zoo's sloth looking cute af. 

Game of Thrones is back tonight! We've been bingeing with EW Radio's LA Daily (on SiriusXM channel 105) since January, and have mostly stayed on pace with the recaps there, but we also love watching Gay of Thrones after each episode, and I made a special trip to Bookstar to pick up a copy of the Game of Thrones double-issue of Entertainment Weekly. Darren's read all the books and was listening to crazy podcasts, following exhaustive Reddit threads, and watches YouTube analysis videos, but he's cut back and we're just hoping to enjoy the final season as it comes. And just found one more fun thing to get us ready: The 'GoT' Creators Have Hidden the Show's Ending in... a Spotify Playlist? and also sneak in a view of Busy Tonight with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, a fan-theory that Jaime takes the throne, and take a listen to the Groove Pigs (Darren's band) playing the GoT theme song.

New music: CHVRCHES recently stopped by The Moog Factory in Asheville, NC to give a rare live performance of “Wonderland” inside the Moog Sound Lab. “This is one of the few songs from the new album that we haven’t played live in any context and we wanted to do something special for the MSL performance...”, says Chvrches front woman Lauren Mayberry, “I think this will probably be the only place a live version of Wonderland will exist…”

My latest binge: Cheesily loved Good Trouble on Freeform even though I'd never heard of "Meet The Fosters," of which this is a spin off. And while I'm stuck on Freeform teen/young adult dramas, The Bold Type is Back!!

Read: The two latest books I read were The Nix by Nathan Hill, which is super long but super great and made me feel like I was reading Douglas Coupland. EW named this the #1 book of the year in 2016 and I loved it. Whenever I do a big long read, I like to follow up with a short page-turner and found that in Educated by Tara Westover, which I almost didn't read because it's listed a Christian non-fiction, but it's this super fascinating look at a woman who was raised and homeschooled by a bipolar survivalist Mormon and her energy-healing/oils-cure-everything mom. She's amazing and so is her story.
To-read list: Entitlemania Richard Watts

Long read articles:

Local politics: Now that the San Diego City Council has agreed not to turn Skateworld into a Target, I've got a couple other beefs at the moment. One, do whatever you want, but LEAVE THE FIESTA ISLAND DOG PARK ALONE. Upgrades to Fiesta Island proposed at San Diego Planning Commission meeting And also, we were told that the Jacobs Plan for Balboa Park was put on hiatus, which we interpreted to meaning it was dead (as it should be,) but now we're hearing rumblings that there are attempts to resurrect pieces of it. Please flood your councilperson with emails against this. The City has failed to find adequate revenue streams to keep up with park repairs and upgrades, but that doesn't mean building a goddamn parking lot will ever generate that money for anyone except Ace Parking. In my opinion, no new structures should be built within Balboa Park, now or ever. It's called a "park" for a reason. And lastly, SDSU now wants a discount for Mission Valley and wants the City to pay for the River Park. Um, no, you fucking fucks. That wasn't the deal, and the City should charge updated 2019 "fair market value" for the property, SDSU should cover full demolition of the stadium (shameful that it will be demolished in the first place) and hold SDSU and their boosters to every lie they told in their ballot proposition.

Parenting: This week, I've been reading a lot about "snowplow parenting." The term seems to have picked up momentum after Operation Varsity Blues. It's fascinating to me:

Helicopter, Snowplow, and Bubble-Wrap Parenting - Psychology Today (2017)
How Parents Are Robbing Their Children of Adulthood - New York Times
How to tell if you are a ‘snowplow parent’ - Marketwatch
'Snowplow parents' can harm their kids by trying to make things easy for them - Daily Herald

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