Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday Night Shooting In North Park

I met a friend for drinks at Toronado early last night. After being there awhile, we checked out Bar Pink as El Ten Eleven were setting up, but we weren't really feeling it--Saturdays in North Park just really aren't for me, so we left and went to Soda Bar. People continue to argue about the development in the area- and neither the development nor the arguing will likely end soon- but to me, any area that becomes a pedestrian destination is naturally going to have more noticeable crime--not necessarily more crime, just crime that might touch our lives a little more closely.

By the time I got home, I read on my Twitter feed that there was some stuff going on in North Park, with at least two helicopters and several police cars. Unfortunately I found out tonight that there was a shooting. It happened around 1:30 in the morning, when I was already belly to the bar at the Ken Club, but the fact that it happened on a busy Saturday night (after North Park Nights, at that), just around last call, is reason for everyone to pay attention to what's going on around us. According to the SDUT blog, a fight broke out inside a private party at Club 8Teen, then moved outside and around the rear parking lot. The victim is ok, and it sounds like she was hit in the ankle by a stray bullet from the people who were fighting after being warned to stay inside the venue. Club 8Teen is the relatively new all ages spot at 3925 Ohio that was briefly known as Avalon.

The incident is probably considered relatively minor, so coverage was sparse, but you can check it out here, on and here at NBC 7/39

In other North Park news, the arsonist who set 14 fires around North Park last week was arrested. Read about it here or here.


Nathaniel said...

Jeez. I move to New Zealand from North Park and it all goes to custard! Seriously, though, that friggin blows that the violence is ratcheting up.

When will we learn that there are too many guns around? If we need to exercise our right to bear arms, we can go to Target real quick. Until then, keep the bullets and guns locked away.

Tyler said...

Crazy :(

Mangoose said...

that guy (allegedly) lit the side of my garage on fire! no serious damage, but damn.

Unknown said...

Here's the truth about the shooting incident outside 8Teen Art & Cultural Center. There was a party inside the center, there were no fights in the party. I was there until closing. Plus there is no place called "Club 8Teen". The shooting incident had nothing to do with "8TEEN ART & CULTURAL CENTER". The shooters were near the alley and were not connected to 8Teen Center. There were eye witnesses that saw the kids shooting in the air several times as the patrons of the surrounding bars were leaving. The police arrived quickly to contain the situation and ensure the safety of others. Security controlled the area around the incident while the police did their investigation.

Rosemary Bystrak said...

Thanks for your inside information. I spent quite a lot of time trying to look for any information about the shooting and subsequently the venue. Whether it is "Club 8Teen" or "8Teen Art & Cultural Center" doesn't seem relevant, however someone who claims to book there referred to a night called "Club 8teen" which is where the reference came from in my post.

The assertation that the fight started in 8teen came from SignOnSanDiego. You argue that it did not, that it was already closed, but "closed" doesn't necessarily mean "empty", but I'll take your word for it that it didn't occur there. Additionally, the SOSD blog doesn't clarify if the woman left 8teen or a nearby establishment, nor if the bouncer who supposedly told her to stay inside was at the Center or perhaps nearby at Bacchus or somewhere else, so the details are definitely hazy.

The greater point of the post is that after shootings at or near AC Lounge, Kadan, the number of fights I've seen in and out of bars in North Park, and a friend of mine getting his skull fractured after being jumped by True North patrons, the area is turning into a little Gaslamp with all the benefit and danger that such a change brings. It was just a warning to people my age who frequent the area to be aware of what is going on in the area.

Thanks for your clarification,