Monday, April 13, 2009


Had a cool experience over @ X1FM studio Friday for TRANSFER's Open Door Session. This is a great forum for all you locals who want to check out a more focused concert experience. Attention is much more undivided with lights, cameras and no booze. lucky we came prepared!
There were quite a few kiddies as well as sober (or seemingly sober) barflies that stepped out of the confort zone of loud clinks of pint glasses and shouted conversation
AVicious bedazzled the environment once again with an acid trip for your eyes. Nothing like a team that constantly strives to make things look like a brilliant display of goodness. You guys really put the lotion in the basket.

. Mucho gusto to all the crew @ X1FM ...very hospitable hosts. TRANSFER will have a video of the performance posted quite soon!

~don't mind if I doobie

Oh yeah....don't forget to check out TRANSFER at The Soda Bar with the APES OF WRATH and ROXY JONES on Tuesday, 4/14. This will be the send off show before they hit the road on their West Coast Tour.

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