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Rosey's Diary: Writer & Black Mamba @ Luce Loft, The Bronx @ Casbah 3.25.2009

Wednesday night kicked off what turned out to be quite a spectacular week of local music. coordinated five nights of music at a place called Luce Loft in downtown San Diego. Sandwiched between Sushi Center for the Arts and The Corner on J Street in East Village, the space is an open loft space with concrete walls, arched wooden ceilings, and open space. It's stunning on it's own, but add some couches, a couple giant LoveSacs, some chairs, area rugs, and 100 people with a deep love for San Diego music and arts, and it was completely breathtaking. And all that before the music even started. Sezio specifically paired bands with different sounds in an effort to cross-pollinate the audiences, and they succeeded above and beyond anything I could've imagined. To keep reading my diary about Luce Loft and The Bronx at the Casbah, click 'keep on reading' below.

Swim Party (Just hanging out. They didn't play until Friday.)

Swim Party, Luce Loft, 3.25.09

Black Mamba kicked off the night with a quiet set that set the stage for what would turn out to be ten of the most unique and moving sets of music I've experienced. Aimee's voice is hypnotic and the music allows you to drift away and I was glad that my first time seeing them was in this setting. I look forard to their record release later this month.

Black Mamba, Luce Loft, 3.25.09 Black Mamba, Luce Loft, 3.25.09

After a short break, Writer played. It was easily my favorite performance from them yet. It's obvious that their SXSW tour helped David gel with the band. Andy played his guitar unplugged and sang a couple feet back from the mic so it really felt organic. Of all the performances of the week, I think that Writer's lyrics lend themselves to singalongs the best, and the crowd took full advantage. You can check my YouTube page for a couple songs from them (though the band is entirely sihouetted because of the dark lighting)

Writer, Luce Loft, 3.25.09 Writer, Luce Loft, 3.25.09

For far better pics, check Too Sunny Out Here and See Michael's Photos in the photo links in the sidebar of this site.

We hung around for a little while after the show, but not too long because we were going to see The Bronx at Casbah. The two shows couldn't have been more night and day, but it was fun nonetheless. I didn't see much of the opening band except that the singer had a two inch gash on his forehead. Apparently he dove off the stage and wasn't caught and landed on glass. Before The Bronx started, I was kinda hanging on the side of the stage thinking that's where I'd stay for their set, but I made a last minute decision to post up on Kenny's side of the stage near the wall. I essentially was just on the outside of the flurry that would turn into the pit. I took an elbow to the mouth at one point, but other than that was mostly unscathed, save for a lot of other people's sweat on me to a point where about 6 songs in I decided I had enough pictures and retreated. The Bronx plays an aggressive adrenaline pumped set that just something that anyone with any roots in hardcore should check out.

The Bronx

The Bronx, Casbah, 3.25.09 The Bronx, Casbah, 3.25.09

The Bronx, Casbah, 3.25.09 The Bronx, Casbah, 3.25.09

The Bronx, Casbah, 3.25.09 The Bronx, Casbah, 3.25.09

The Bronx, Casbah, 3.25.09 The Bronx, Casbah, 3.25.09

The Bronx, Casbah, 3.25.09 The Bronx, Casbah, 3.25.09

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