Friday, April 03, 2009

SXSW Writer Tour: Day 2 Part 1

I am trying to finish up this write-up on SXSW, but I keep getting distracted. I am going to try to finish it all up by the end of this weekend.

After a hippie night of watching amazing acoustic sets of bands playing under a tree at Ms. Beas until 4am, we had nowhere to sleep, so we crashed in the Honda Element. At this point, it had been almost 3 days with no showering for me, starting to really marinade in my amazing scent. But eating Torchy's breakfast tacos made up for my cramped sleeping conditions, best food find in Austin was Torchy's, great salsa/hot sauce choices.
We met this guy/band name Viking Moses, who after misunderstanding the name we kindly nicknamed Thor Ramsey. He played the acoustic show at Ms. Beas to a strangely awkward ending, and then started walking away alone!? Andy stopped him and said, "I dig your tunes." He said he was playing a book store the next day, so that was our first stop on the agenda. When we asked directions from a chica at Torchy's she smirked humorously at us first, then tried to figure the best way to direct us (it was ALL the way across town... FAR) Driving across Austin we passed through downtown, then what we called Austin's Hillcrest, then into a really chill area we called Austin's Portland.This is where the book store was. A chill indie book store that had vegan treats and a great vibe. Viking Moses (aka Thor Ramsey) jammed on his guitar singing songs with a young girl backing on keyboard. A bunch of kids on all the same tour have been riding in a van together and backing each other on the tour. So great to see the comraderie of young musicians. Viking Moses really lays it out there, he was so passionate that he lost his shoe, his sunglasses, and knelt on the floor as he poured his heart out. Thor Ramsey became our favorite new friend from SXSW.
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Post book store show, we headed to a record store show in the area, The Fling were performing. We made it to this great punk rock record store that had tons of vinyl, vintage mags, and random goodies too. The bands that played were awesome and I wish i could remember their names. I will post vids of them later. The Fling have a great sound, and the harmonies are like a mix of Beatles, CCR, and The Rolling Stones, It is good Rock and Roll. We had a blast at the Record store and they paid to put some Writer albums in their collection, very nice. After hanging out there with our tall cans, we set off to see Lights On.
At a bar that seemed more sports bar than venue, Lights On played outside and put on an impressive show at which the next band said "I don't know how we are lucky enough to play on the same bill with those guys." Then they proceeded to sound like a hack/terrible John Mayer cover band, really bad! The bar was not a venue, but we had a great time none-the-less and met this local who was on her night away from her husband and kid. All alone, we asked her to hang with us, since she was reading a book, but glancing in our direction enough for us to notice she was reading one page every 20min. She gave Jayme a ride to Writer's show at Mugshots, and the good mother she is, bought him ice cream on the way. More of that to come... next post...

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