Thursday, April 30, 2009

FM 94/9 Independence Jam Info

FM 94/9

Tickets for Independence Jam went on sale on Monday at noon. According to a Twitter post, over 1000 tickets sold in the first day. It is my understanding that ticket sales have been consistent in which case I'm writing to say that if you wait to buy your tickets, you run the risk of missing out entirely. It is quite possible that tickets will sell out before this weekend.

But last year wasn't sold out, so why this year? According to this, DeVore Stadium's max capacity is 14,000. While I think that is a bit high, I think I remember hearing attendance topped of somewhere around 6,000. This year, however, the show is at the Oceanside Pier Amphitheatre, which according to this, seats only 2,700. Again, I imagine there is some flexibility in numbers as there will probably be a larger area barricaded for the festival beyond just the amphitheatre itself, but the difference in capacity is clear. Bottom line: if you want to see Black Keys, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Dead Confederate, and Metric, buy your tickets now.


jshufelt said...

In case you guys get to the website today and it says "Sold Out", the ticket service is just down right now. I just got of the phone with Hilary, she says check back later.

Unknown said...

Sold out because the line-up is the best yet! The Black Keys!
This is gonna rock: great line-up, great atmosphere.