Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ping Pong? It. Is So. On.

I was just talking about how I took down Evan (@EvanAndrew) in ping-pong last week, then Devlin from The Ken Club (@KenClubTuesday) posted that the Ken Club now has a ping-pong table and it reminded me that I never posted about the ping-pong tournament happening this weekend at The Pearl Hotel (@ThePearlHotel) in Pt. Loma. So the deal is that there's gonna be a big bash to benefit our friends over at (@sezio). The party is free, but it's $10 to enter the tournament. There will be singles and doubles brackets, and the tournament is single elimination.. so go get your practice on at the Ken Club or Triple Crown and let's do this. Oh, and don't forget to wear your tennis whites! Notice that little Trumer Pils sponsorship? Yeah, that means drink specials!! (How do I get Trumer to sponsor my birthday party? Anyone?)

Click the flyer for more information.

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Tyler said...

I love ping pong but I never understood ping pong as a bar-game. Pool, great. Shuffleboard, even more fun. But ping pong, even while sober, is so difficult for the average person that you run around half the time trying to find the ball as it rolls under some dirty table. Add booze to it and I assume it's pandemonium. I don't know how triple crown does it. I will say though that the new 'waiting game area' next to Tractor Room in hillcrest has some astro-turf, picnic tables and ping pong table.