Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More on Jason Mraz Free Show

From Jason Mraz's Website:

Free Show Announced in San Diego!

Did you really think we were going to do a whole tour without stopping in San Diego? Well...that would just be ungrateful now wouldn't it?

Our last act of gratitude will be a tour-ending show in San Diego on October 11's going to be FREE!! Yes, FREE!! We are working with our firned at LiveNation and Ticketmaster on the best way to distribute the tickets, so that all our fans will get a chance at a seat and so that scalpers don't hold hostage over our true fans!

We will provide you with all the details next week...but we wanted to make sure you heard it from us first.

Go to for updates. You can also sign up to get email and text message alerts. I'm gonna guess that this show happens at House of Blues since there is no show currently scheduled at the venue. Cricket Amphitheatre already has a show that night. I'll post more info when available.

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Tyler said...

yeah I thought Cricket but if it already has a show ... maybe an early / afternoon show and clear everyone out before the show that night? ... I would assume a cap would need to be in place. HOB does sound pretty likely. I just figure that would be too small for the demand. he was selling out the HOB Anaheim back in 2003, let alone now... I'm curious to see the venue announcement. Heck, I think the greek the night before in LA is sold out too!