Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday Night: Chris Garneau @ Soda Bar

A couple years ago I started getting random CDs in the mail. This was all new to me; I was going to shows and buying music, listening to new music wherever I could hear it, and all of the sudden people started sending me stuff. As a total geek, it was then that I realized how glad I am to live in these times of the internets and music and file sharing and social media and the shock that some dork like me could type away on a keyboard and someone wanted me to hear their music. Back then, one of the first CDs I recall receiving was called Music For Tourists by someone named Chris Garneau. It came with a few other CDs and frankly I don't remember what else was in that package nor do I even know who sent it, but I got it and played it and loved it. Unfortunately I don't think of myself as much of a critic-- that was never a goal of this site-- so other than a couple comments in passing, I didn't post about the CD.

Fast forward to now, and Chris Garneau is FINALLY going to play in San Diego. He's gonna be at Soda Bar tonight with Mananaland (Matt Curreri's new project) and Ryan Blue. He's touring on his sophomore LP, El Radio, and brings back his sparse and gorgeous vocals. I highly recommend checking out this show.

This video is from his set at Spaceland on Sunday night.

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