Tuesday, September 29, 2009

videos: Joshua James & Cory Chisel, Casbah, 9.18.09

A couple weeks ago Cory Chisel and Joshua James performed a matinee show at Casbah before the Blackout Party's CD release party. It was a marathon of a week for me and nothing seems to have slowed down since then, but it was easily one of my personal favorite shows lately. Everyone connects to bands in their own way, I guess, and while I see a ton of music that moves me, that excites me, and that inspires me, these two guys and their respective bands had me absolutely captivated. It was nice to know that I wasn't the only person who felt that way, too, because I've never heard the crowd get so dead silent during the couple ballads that were played.

I already posted "Daniel" by Joshua James, but wanted to get the rest of the videos up. As I mentioned before, Joshua's record came out on 9.22 and Corey Chisel's physical release date is today. I feel bad that I spent most of my battery on Cory only to realize I'd forgotten my spare (which I later found in the bottom of my purse) to record all of Joshua's set, so I had to pick and choose which I recorded, but hopefully you get the picture.

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