Friday, September 25, 2009

Team Abraham West Coast Tour Diary

The tour kicked-off Mon Sep 14 @ the Casbah to an an intimate crowd... I guess we were no match for the Chargers season opener. From there it was onto The Silverlake Lounge with our good buddies The French Semester, Rademacher and Downtown/Union. I'd heard mixed reviews of playing LA and the Silverlake, but all those were overshadowed by the cool people coming up to us afterwards, buying merch and the commraderie that we have with The Frenchies; and Charles(drums) and Gil(bass) stayed up with us night owls till the wee hours joking and playing. I wish I had taken pix of Charles' artist loft because it is simply the coolest place on earth... And Rodney's friend Chino from the Deftones came out... that was cool. No pix for this one because Kim's disposable camera was a dud :(

More tour diary after the jump.

Next we were off to Fresno, which happens to be where I was born and have tons of family, where our buddies Rademacher all live and are currently from and a place I had no desire to return to in 9 years. Surprisingly, it's RAD! Lotsa receptive kids out, my family and the place we played, Audie's Olympic/Club Fred were all awesome.

Next nite found us an hour north of fresno in a small town called Merced. I'd heard rave review from local bands about this venue called The Partisan and they ALL were validated by our first show there. Sound guys was sweet and interested... Talent Booker was warm and friendly and the crowd ruled! At the end of our sent we sold a bunch of merch and were even given $ donations from people from people for gas... I went outside to cool off a little and was aproched by a very distinct looking man with an Indiana Jones looking Fedora, a shirt with his own pixelated face on it, big deep-sea blue eyes and a mustache that'd rival any passage in Neitzsche's "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" for robustness and depth.

He gave us praise and offered his home for us to crash... turns out he was the drummer in the local headlining act Built Like Alaska.

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