Thursday, September 10, 2009

San Diego Music Awards- Tonight!!

This morning I wrote a huge post about the SDMAs but it went in a direction I didn't want to go so I deleted it. I love the San Diego Music Awards. I've always had a good time at the ceremony. I've voted with the public vote for as long as I can remember and am honored to get to vote with the academy the past couple of years. I wish the Reader would stop publishing the same nonsense from the disgruntled people who are not nominated year after year, but that's Blurt for ya. Does everyone who deserved to get nominated make the cut? Certainly not. But let's get together and celebrate the amazing music we have in this town. I might even wear a party dress tonight!

Mostly I just wanted to say, congratulations to all the nominees and good luck tonight. There are some competitive categories and my love is split many ways. For obvious reasons, I don't share who I voted for but I'll be sitting there with those same knots in my stomach. I am proud of all of my friends who are nominated and I'm proud that so many of my blog contributors are nominated as well (even if they all fell off the posting after their tours.)

Big love to sd:dialed in contributors:

Abraham- Team Abraham - Best Pop
Jake- The Styletones- Best New Artist
Petro- Swim Party- Best Alternative
Josh Damigo- Best Local Recording
#$^%&(@)#%*#^($#@- Drew Andrews- Best Alternative Album/Album of the Year
Matthew- Transfer- Best Rock

Good luck, and see you all in a couple hours!!


JayAllenSanford said...

Hi Rosey,
Your post is misleading - the Blurt about SDMA nominations doesn't focus on "disgruntled people who are not nominated." In fact, it quotes several who WERE nominated, but who don't care or attend the awards.

This is the first time I've written a Blurt about the flaws in the SDMA nomination process - others in the past may have written about non-nominees, but what I found interesting was how actual nominees like Jimmy Powers, Blame One, and Miki Vale talk about how they find SDMA nominations to be specious, at best.

Don't YOU wonder how two unreleased albums, neither ever sent to the SDMA board, ended up nominated for 2009 awards? I find it very newsworthy, and went into much more depth about the topic on the Reader's Rock Around the Town blog ----

Rosemary Bystrak said...

The greater point is that every year people don't care/care too much about being nominated (or not nominated) and then caring/not caring until they lose. It's just really fucking boring. And it isn't news. The acoustic community took care of this by introducing the HAT awards, so more than one or two singer songwriters would get their moment to shine among that specific community. If the hip-hop community is supposedly so strong in San Diego, which there is no evidence of despite living here and being around music my entire life, then they need to make themselves known and noticed.
"Specious" or not, the voting academy is all listed on the SDMF site and are all pretty easy to find. And there might be a tight clique when it comes to music in San Diego, but it's pretty easy to penetrate. Play the game or STFU.