Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Radio: Another One Bites The Dust

I haven't been very good about radio updates, since you can get all your info between Chickrawker and SD Radio, but wasn't it just last week Jeff & Jer left their station?

Got this press release today regarding "Blazin 98.9":

Effective Tuesday September 1st, BLAZIN’ 98.9 San Diego’s “Hip Hop & More”, switched to a fully automated music output 24/7 with remaining operations staff, OM/Brand & Marketing Lee Cornell, on-air talent VANYA (Afternoon Drive) and CHRIS LOOS (Morning Drive / Evenings), Promotions Manager JEANICE LEE, Mixer DJ SEPH, and production personnel CHRIS “BAM” MORRISON and NOAH AYALA exiting the station.

Cornell said he expected it wouldn’t be long before high profile San Diego on-air talents VANYA and CHRIS LOOS, and the team members found new station homes elsewhere. “They’re good people; and CHRIS and VANYA are exceptional talents, listener focused, and committed team players. A real asset to a station wanting to build their brand power.”

Way to invest in people.

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