Monday, December 28, 2009

A Look Back at 2009- "You're Not the Boss of Me."

In 2008, I started the year excited about my new album being finished. I had hoped for a little bit more momentum, but had no clue I would meet so many great people this year. I'd never talked to Kevin Hellman or Michael Halloran before (and I honestly didn't know who they were... Laugh it up...) I honestly didn't know anyone outside of Ken Leighton, Jay Allen Sanford and the people at the San Diego Troubadour. Missi was regularly spinning my stuff on Rock 105.3, Tim Pyles hit me up every once and a while, but as far as any other local contacts, I had none.

I released "Raw" in May, and with the help of some great fans, it went plastic (Or something less than plastic... paper?) But it was a start. Finally having an album out allows people to finally get to hear what you do. I started contacting local media, and asking them to listen to it. Kevin Hellman was one of the only to respond, and seemed to really like what I was doing, but like the immature musician I am, I just expected people to find me...(FYI... It Doesn't really work that way kiddos...)For more, click 'keep on reading'.

For some odd reason, it actually worked. I had received a friend request from some chick named Rosemary Bystrak, and she was posting some amusing stuff, so I think I "liked" her posts on Facebook or something... She seemed to know her way around the local scene, and was always pretty positive, so I liked her style. We ran into each other at the North Park Music Thing, and that was the beginning of good things for me. After becoming instant BFF's, she started introducing me to everybody who is anybody in the local music scene. She got Steve Poltz (my brother from another mother) to actually remember my name... this year we're gonna try to get him to actually "hear" my music... :-D. She introduced me to Mat Diablo, Chris Cantore, Seth Combs, and many other local media personalities. She asked me to blog about my midwest tour, and I was stoked. (I'd never really "blogged" before.) I joined "twitter" and started realizing the potential, and power that this website had for my music.

Aaron Bowen, Jeremy Rubolino and myself ended up winning the SDMA for Best Local recording, and it has really been great. But it instantly started something I wasn't used to. Having people tell me what I should or shouldn't be doing with my music. I'd never experienced this before, because no one really cared about me.... but now everyone sort of took it upon themselves to offer their friendly advice or info on how to get bigger. (even before they decided to see what I do live...It's cute to see everyone's suggestions before and after they watch you play...)

Lots of writing, and growing this year has helped me to realize that you don't need to listen to everyone's opinion, just do what makes you happy and stand up for yourself when people try to talk down at you. People are always going to be bitter about something or other, and as a musician, they feel like they can take it out on you. Every person I talk to has a different opinion on what I should or shouldn't be doing, but in the end, most of them haven't contributed a cent to my recording costs or gas for shows, and most of them don't even own my album... So until they start paying, I'm grateful for the advice, but have to still go with my gut.

I'm starting to work on Next Year's album, and the goal is to show people that I'm a heck of a lot more than just an acoustic singer-songwriter. (people that have come to shows probably already know that I don't just sit around crying on stage...) Erdis has been the best sidekick anyone could ever ask for on the cello, and in the last show busted out a stand-up bass solo in the middle of one of the songs... You're gonna love the band too... they are that kick-ass type of military guys who won't let me write another ballad if they can help it...

This year I'll be doing a lot more with them, which changes the sound alot. Someone said we sound like a mix between John Mayer, Foo Fighters, and a little bit of funk. If you ask me, that's a pretty ridiculous range, but that's the only feedback I've gotten so far. Playing at the Belly Up in January, and Pyles invited me to play the Casbah, but I had to pass this time around. (But I'm waiting for your next text, homie!)

Huge thanks to for the support. I love you with all my heart. You've done so much for me, and I'll always be your fan!

Here's to a great 2010!!!

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