Monday, December 14, 2009

Daytrotter Session: Steve Poltz

It's hard to find anyone who loves music that doesn't love what Daytrotter does for musicians and fans alike, and this week they posted a Daytrotter Session with none other than Mr. Steve Poltz.

It might be that Steve Poltz is bat shit crazy. No, on second thought, he's probably not. He's fine, just a regular Joseph. Or is he? Nope, he's fucking nuts, demented - but screwed up on endorphins and sugary cereals, draft beers and a generally harmful amount of sleep deprivation. You'll go back and forth between the original thought and the counter thought as you make your way through his all-encompassing, nine-song Daytrotter session.
-Sean Moeller,

Go to the session here. Steve will be popping up around town with a show at the bar in Oceanside that is not to be mentioned on this site on Friday, and you can usually count on him showing up at the Casbah for C.L.A. and Exile On Kettner before he takes off to Australia for a while. You can also follow his whacky brain on Twitter (@StevePoltz).

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