Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tonight: Local Production Featured On TLC

Local filmmaker Destin Cretton created a documentary called "Born Without Arms" that will premiere tonight on TLC. Destin writes, "The film features San Diego Musician/Songwriter Mark Goffeney, who is the lead singer/bass player in the band "Big Toe." ( Along with the other two amazing people highlighted in the film, Mark was born without arms. He also plays the guitar (with his toes) and takes the time to be a good dad to his three kids."

They're also having a premiere party at The Pearl Hotel on Sunday night from 9pm to 11pm (show starts at 10pm) with the doc projecting on their big screen outside. Some of the San Diego local artists involved in this film are:

Destin Cretton - Writer/Director/Producer/Editor
Joel P. West - Composer
Brad Kester - Assistant Director
Andrew Glendinning - Illustrator/Graphic Design
Keith Milgaten - Music Engineer/Mixer
Jon Smith - Animator
Kelly Bennett - Violin
Doug Welcome - Bass, Trombone

Imagine trying to navigate through life without arms. It almost seems impossible. But three extraordinary human beings, Mark, Jessica and Nadia, don’t have to imagine — it’s their reality. They were born without arms. Watch as all three individuals set and accomplish goals that surpass what the average person might ever dream to achieve. Their incredible stories premiere on TLC 12/13/09 at 10pm/9 central.

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