Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Masquerade: Another Winner and Set Times

Congratulations to Amy C for winning the final pair of Masquerade tickets for New Year's Eve. Details are out about the party and it promises to be a great time.

Set times are out:

* 8pm - Caburlesque Kittens
* 8:45pm - The Hot Moon
* 9:45pm - The Burning of Rome
* 10:50pm - Get Back Loretta
* 11:45pm - New Years count down
* 12:05pm - Delta Spirit
* 1:15am - DJ Theoryjean

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MASQUERADE: NEW YEAR'S CELEBRATION is a wonderfully diverse and positive event, unifying music & art lovers with all the high-energy excitement of a New Year's bash.

MASQUERADE will feature six unique and extremely memorable performances including:

* DELTA SPIRIT: Hometown heroes with radio hits "People C'mon" and "Trashcan" who've played America's top festivals Lollapalooza, Noise Pop, and Street Scene.
* GET BACK LORETTA: Three-time San Diego Music Award Best Pop winners
* THE BURNING OF ROME: The most artistic and unpredictable band on the bill, with shades of Arcade Fire and Oingo Boingo
* THE HOT MOON: Billie Holiday-influenced, powerful female vocals, featuring members of Grand Ole Party and Black Heart Procession
* CABURLESQUE KITTENS: 16-woman burlesque troupe that will hook you from the start of the night

Attendees will also enjoy five different deejays including TheoryJean, DJ Dennis J, DJ Kray-Z-K, along with a wild assortment of models, video projection provided by HiFi5 Entertainment, and large art & sculptures.

Doors open at 7 p.m. with live music until 2 am. The Birch Theater, which shares space with the West Coast Tavern, combines the perfect setting for an event never to be forgotten. MASQUERADE will bring in people from all over San Diego and beyond; proving that this is Southern California’s ultimate New Years celebration.

Visuals, Graphics & Videos are provided by HiFi5 Entertainment.

Attendees are recommended to wear their best Masquerade attire (think ancient europe/Romanesque theme, not mardi gras! stay classy San Diego!).

Tickets can be purchased at by clicking the banner at the top of sddialedin.com

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Eyes`Only, the developer of DoitFast4U. said...

Hey this is DJ Dennis J! If you attended last night, you most likely found your way to the tavern and rocked out with Kray-Z-K and myself. Hope you enjoyed the set! Don't forget to look me up on facebook and keep me in mind for public as well as private events (weddings, corporate, birthdays,etc). You can find me at:

facebook: http://www.facebook.com/djdennisj
company page: http://www.sandiegocreativemusicdjs.com
my beezo page: http://www.beezo.net/djs/djdennisj (download my demo mix for free!)