Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Transfer Update: ROAD TEST

Road test - It always feels like that. A test of endurance, patience,
levels of tolerance...a test of organization, sleep deprivation,
direction, digestion. The things in life that are ordinary seem more
of a challenge when on tour. Time is different. You feel like a week's
worth of experiences are crammed into two days. It is very weird and I
have been trying to figure it out. This last run was the beginning of
the rest of our year and a fine set of times, completing the first

Hometown shows with all the bells and whistles, or horns and strings,
(Marta, Erdis, Frank and Freddie). New team building. One show at
the Viper Room made good on a Monday then off to Seattle, WA where we
had the 7 man crew jammed in a Ford Flex, (Space toaster). Sold out
showing at the High Dive - DAMN FINE rendition of DARK SIDE OF THE
MOON, by Elder Mason closed the eve. Fucking stellar, lads! Zane lost
his mind on mushrooms and wandered off in the night as Cooper and I
lost our composure. Intense lapel negotiation just before 4am
cardboard pizza showed up to beckon the wasted sandman.

On to Bellingham where the beer flows like wine and the women
instinctively flock elsewhere. Played to the family who scream, buy
shots and jump on stage during the set, (the best part). All the
while, filling the cash registers in trade for booze with corn
husking, hard earnin, tig weldin money. Actually, I have no idea what
the occupational trend is but they drink a hell of a lot and seem
aggressive by nature.

We shall carry on with our patronage, propagate our seedlings in an
establishment with a light in the dark. Maybe some erotic photos on
the wall and a sprinkler system in case there happens to be a fire.
Thanks to all who listened to the live version of FUTURE SELVES. The
ones who took a copy home and told someone. it seems that our family
has grown and continues to do so exponentially....For this dear
friends, we thank you. This was the Washington we long for after we


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