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San Diego’s Original Film, Rock & Art Event

San Diego’s original and longest-running Film+Rock+Art showcase is back for a special, not-to-be-missed reunion event JAN 7th at the CASBAH. The TVU Reunion will present a myriad of new short films, animations and videos collected and arranged with the intent to mix well with drink. Also featured will be a custom art installation set to the vibe of DJ Edgartronic and designed to showcase works by artists from San Diego to Santa Fe. Capping the night will be two stellar local bands accompanied by the AVicious VJs who will be providing a special “venue wide” projection installation that will blow the pockets from your skinny jeans. A live show unlike any other returns to it’s San Diego roots for the first time in 2-Years!

The Visual Underground has returned – FILM, ROCK & ART TO DRINK TO!

DATE: Thursday, January 7th / Doors @ 8pm PST

2501 Kettner Blvd. San Diego, CA 92101
(Kettner & Laurel)

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In 2006 Jon Bishop began writing and recording a refreshing style of music with Bryan Stratman at Capricorn Studios in downtown San Diego. This music had a different feel, still with that familiar hook, but with a new depth. Soon John and Bryan knew this creative energy was not to be ignored and Crash Encore was born. Guitarist TJ Royer, Jackson Price, a master of bass, vocals and flute and drummer Mike Cooper currently complete this dynamic puzzle.

As a follow up to their debut album, Volume I, Crash Encore is defying convention and releasing free songs all of 2009 at

When not in the studio Crash Encore can be seen performing live at venues such as the Casbah, Anthology, the Belly Up, and The Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas. The band has also appeared on NBC's Concerts in the Square, several local and national radio stations, and was nominated for San Diego Music Award's "Best New Artist" in 2007.



The unique sound of Republic of letters sound is a clash of frenetic indie rock with more atmospheric and melodic sounds that reach out with an art rock edge. The band was originally formed by brothers Chris Venti (vocals, guitar) and Nick Venti (drums) in 2005. With the addition of Martin Niwinski (bass guitar) and later following Adrian Thorstensen (guitar) in 2006, the band has really come into its own sonically and creatively.

Republic of Letters developed their sound, rich with heart-swelling choruses, energizing rhythms and passionate vocal performances influences such as The Who, Editors, U2, Bruce Springsteen and The Police. When they set foot on stage, the band is determined grab a hold of the shirt collars and hearts of every listener and naysayer.


Edgar Nunez, a.k.a. DJ Edgartonic, is a San Diego-based DJ that plays a signature blend of electro-house, indie & rock remixes and 80s. His sound has kept San Diego dancefloors moving since 2005, as well as playing to audiences in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Tijuana. He’s had the priviledge of sharing the stage with artists such as:

Blaqk Audio; MSTRKRFT; The Kills; Crystal Castles; The Antlers; Ghostland Observatory; LA Riots; The Villains; Tronik; Youth; Friendly Fires; The XX

He’s had his Summer ‘07 and Summer ‘08 mixes played on LA radio station Indie 103.1FM’s dance show, “Neon Noise”, and has been nomimated for a San Diego Music Award for “Best Club DJ” in both 2008 and 2009. He was the host of “Analogic Nights“, San Diego’s only dance music radio show on online radio station X1 FM ( He still maintains a relationship with X1 FM by doing programming for their Electronic stream (
He has held several residencies, the most noteworthy being Boombox Thursdays at the Air Conditioned Lounge in San Diego’s Normal Heights area. Boombox ran for over a year and was covered by the San Diego Union-Tribune, for their ”Strobe Light Diaries” feature. DJ Edgartronic, himself, has been featured in both the Union-Tribune (in 2009 as part of its “Street People” series) and San Diego State University’s Daily Aztec music issue (in 2008).
He is also the “Official Tailgate DJ” for the Lingerie Football League team, the San Diego Seduction.


I love Orange.
I love Paper.
I love ink & paint & glue & sand & things that look messed up.
I like silly creatures, bright colors, & blood & guts.
I’m drawn to texture, layers, repetition, posters, music & red wine.
I like to see something new every time I look at a painting.
I like how color and texture interact to create a mood, a feeling.
I like how all these things can change over time.
I like how the vein on my forehead is prominent. I do.

“As a kid I was constantly taking things apart to see how they worked. I remember watching open-heart surgeries on video with my parents who both worked in the Operating Room as perfusionists (someone who runs the heart-lung machine). I believe I got my perverse love of blood and guts because of this…

“In grade school my interest in the workings of nature was fueled through biology. Cytoplasm, cells, mitochondria, & basic elements fed my curiosity. How things came to be on a microscopic level. A year after I moved to Santa Cruz for college I decided, after jumping from science to psychology to science and back again, that art held all kinds of mysteries and more. I’d always expressed myself through drawing, writing, collage & painting, but as more of a hobby, rather than my main focus. Research, visual representation, & seeing how things come together to make a final whole were all part of the process, just as in science. I’m drawn to the unknown…Art is my safety net as well as the cliff I have to jump off of in order to get to my next destination.

“Sometimes I begin work without a vision, just a need …painting, layering, painting, layering until form begins to creep in & I guide it to life. Sometimes I set out to an end…and sometimes I get there, but most of the time my paintings & prints are a personal reaction to whatever is happening on Lost.

“No, not really.
But kind of…

“Since 2003 I’ve been back in San Diego, where I’ve found a flourishing community of like-minded crazy artists who have pushed me to new levels. In 2006, I began working on a project called Fruit of the Soul and have been designing and printing t-shirts, posters and CD covers through Orange Friendly, as well as working full time for Specialty Produce taking care of whatever falls under the umbrella of Community Affairs.”

“I am a firm believer in the merit system. I believe that with triumph of effort and no holes barred one can achieve anything. There is nothing more rewarding to me than putting in a good day of being the best Mother I can be to my four wonderful children, knowing I left nothing unattended. And when the time permits, in the hours and minutes between naps and baths I am able to express myself artistically, by all means…that is the best day done.

I have continually obeyed my inspirational tendencies for the better part of these last two decades and have seen progress in myself that exists solely from the effort of persistence. Hurrealism, a term which suits best the description of what it is I do, lends even more interest to the meaning behind the imagery. A word developed to correlate with Surrealism, and my spin on how that genre of art applies to me.

At the end of the day, I work hard at my responsibilities, never losing sight of what is dearest to my heart. Equally rewarding, is the satisfaction of knowing not only am I capable, I am wholeheartedly willing…for you see… I believe that I can and will, have my cake and eat it too.” WEB: SDVAG.NET

Tim Walikis was born in Binghamton NY In 1967. He showed interest in art from an early age. He enrolled in State University of Buffalo in order to become an illustrator/cartoonist. After his first sculpture class he quickly switched his major to sculpture, receiving a BFA in the discipline. After graduating he stayed in Buffalo a few years only to move to San Diego to escape the east coast winters.
Tim creates bold modernist paintings and woodcuts with strong lines. He works in both Acrylic and wood, often using found pieces of wood. He often uses his woodcuts in combination with paintings for maximum effect. He is influenced by a variety of artists including, Dubuffet, Harring, Coleman, Brancusi, Young, Williams and all the usual suspects.

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