Saturday, December 19, 2009


The second leg of the FUTURE SELVES Tour brought us from sea level, (Popscene - San Francisco) to the Rocky Mountains of Denver, CO, (Larimer Lounge). “John Denver's full of shit, man” - Lloyd Christmas
San Francisco was a challenge of wits, as we fought to keep them about after a 10hr trek in the magic bus with Gengler's baked goods, only to arrive in The City with an over-thought set list and a great thirst.
Good morrow, Stellastarr*. Nice to meet you…shall we roll out the gear and see if it is satisfactory for both of us to abuse? Ah yes, very well then. Plug into our janky, road jangled tube amplifiers. The refrigerator sized bass cabinet marked CONVOY. Arthur, please be our guest to tweak the high riding stands and snare/ throne posish to your fancy. Don't mind the dried blood, spattered on the snare head. It adds a bit of dark cowboy edge.
Popscene has hosted many of our esteemed forefathers. This was brought to our attention by classic black and white photography displayed on the walls. Epic moments captured and framed. I wish I had them hung on the walls in my house to remind me to work when I feel inspiration is lost.
The crowd and hosts of Popscene were quite gracious. A very special thanks to Aaron Axelson at Live 105.5FM. Listen to Radio Soundcheck from 7- 10pm on Sundays. You Just might hear LOSING COMPOSURE ~or~
Thanks Aaron!!

Spaceland was next. Ah yes, Silverlake, The hub and hierarchy of indie credibility. Birthplace of the infamous, 'I hate my dad' haircut. The place in CA you could smoke in, until recently.
This show proved to be the most challenging when we found ourselves faced with the adversity of simultaneous equipment failure. Card's pedals went out during the first song, throwing our entire plan of satanic delivery out the window. Cooper blasted his snare and rendered it useless at the very next, unplanned song as Zane returned to his piano stool and fell, ass over tea kettle, on the stage, garnering a massive applause from the crowd. Kudos to Zane for providing a very classic moment for all to enjoy. We all had a brief, yet cheerful celebration on stage, and with the crowd, as we discovered our loving spoonful of admiration for Zane's unique ability to eat a large slice of humble pie with a smile.
Just when we thought we were out of the woods…last song of the set, mind you, the legs fell off the keyboard, mid song, and slammed to the ground. FREEZE At this moment, as a musician, you have a choice. Your first option would be to sit there with your thumb up your ass and look stupid. OR, you could shrug your shoulders and try to put the instrument upright again, turn beat red and act like nothing happened. Or, my personal favorite, (and what Zane actually did.), Fall on the ground next to the keyboard and slam on it like you meant to summon its final sound for the epic crescendo you have created. Honestly, I had a flash of a moment where I tried to rationalize smashing everything on stage into a thousand pieces, like a possessed mongoloid. What a primal urge the Who must have fulfilled when they destroyed their instruments like a band of heathens.

We drove home that night and got to sleep in our own beds, only for a moment as we had The Casbah show, followed by the Rhythm Room in Phoenix the following night with Denver, CO and the Larimer Lounge looming in the distance. And when I say distance, I'm not fucking exaggerating. We all felt like veal calves after being folded up in the van for so long. Phoenix, AZ to Santa Fe, by way of Flagstaff. We were fortunate enough to thread the needle between storms as Flagstaff received 2’ of snow the night before. Made for a sketchy drive, to say the least.
Although Denver was a beautiful site, we realized we were quite far from San Diego once we saw the temperature drop below 2 degrees, which was uncharacteristically cold, we were told by the natives. Met some friends of friends and sold the last CD copies of FUTURE SELVES that we had brought with us. One of the rare occasions for traveling musicians where it is a GOOD feeling to know that your seed has been left behind. ZANG!
Grow for us, the saplings of musical fancy, into bold, beautiful trees. Bear the fruits of our musical labor to share and celebrate with us as we trek across the land, smelling of Gardettos and body odor.
Fan our fires that lead us through the darkness of obligatory alcoholism and financial instability as we carry forth on our mission to proclaim our message. The message carried forth for ages by our forefathers of Rock and Roll. The very greats that have left a stamp in our hearts and minds as Genius, or Inspired. The ones who have generated a spirit and religion where the sole directive is to share a moment where music transcends space and time.
Thank you for keeping the fire burning, dear friends, and a happy holiday season to all. We look forward to sharing more with you and getting to know our family a little better in 2010 as we start our journey in support of our FUTURE SELVES all over again, coast-to-coast, sea to shining sea.



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