Tuesday, July 24, 2012

San Diego Craft Beer & Cocktail Showcase (8.4.2012)

The other night, my friend called me late at night after having a one-on-one date with his six-tap home brewing setup...a drunk-dial if you will. He's pretty involved in the craft beer world, not just here but with national events, and in our conversation when I asked if he was going to one of the beer festivals on Saturday (there was one in Oceanside and one at Liberty Station), he started to rant about the number of beer events and breweries opening up. He thinks the overabundance of events and breweries means the quality is diminishing. His complaints were valid...there are a LOT of beer events in San Diego run by various entities, all hoping to cash in on our lust for hops and sunshine. Somehow binge-drinking 4 ounces at a time, even if we're paying $40 or $50 bucks for it, seems less terrible when it is endorsed by hundreds of other participants, especially when it goes to some sort of charitable foundation. Still, I try and get in on the fun when I can and I think this one is a good one.

His complaint aside, this is an event being held down at El Dorado on August 4 and is super affordable if you buy tickets in advance ($15 for 10 craft cocktail and beer tasters) and benefits the OnLife Suicide Prevention Organization which was founded in San Diego to find at-risk social media users and provide services and intervention for those deemed in need.  Unlike last year's Great American Showcase, which unfortunately had some noise complaints, this year will focus on DJs and some live music by the Euphoria Brass Band. There will be plenty of brewers and bartenders on hand, as well as games, art, food trucks, and local retailers. Click on the flyer for more information and grab your tickets in advance, before they go up to $25.

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