Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wednesday: "Extinction: Gone The Way of the Dodo" Art Opening/Reception @ Blind Lady

I'm going to sound like a broken record in telling you that there is so much going on this week because of Comic-Con, in spite of Comic-Con, and just because it's summer in San Diego. For those of you who want nothing to do with the convention center or who won't be participating in preview night, my friend Susie Ghahremani has an art opening at Blind Lady (as if you need an excuse to go to Blind Lady). She's the artist behind Boy Girl Party and she's an awesome illustrator and painter. This show is a collaboration with Irene Stone who has taken Susie's portraits of extinct species and turned them into cross-stich renderings. I've always loved Susie's style and whimsy and I think you will, too. The art will be on display through July 18, but tonight is the reception with both artists on hand to chat.

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