Thursday, September 13, 2012

San Diego Music Thing Preview: Strange Vine

Another out of town band passing through for the San Diego Music Thing is Strange Vine from Fresno. The first impression that I got from Toby and Ian is that they were a diligent DIY band. These days, it's easy to find my email address, but it wasn't always so and so getting a direct invite to a show from a band always carries a little more weight with me. Plus they were friends with my friends in Rademacher who told me I had to go see them at a show they played at Bar Pink. That first show I got there late and missed their whole set, but still met them and they made sure I left with their record. Sure enough we kept in touch and without fail I get a text whenever they're coming back to town, and they played at my SDMT showcase last year at the Soda Bar. I love these guys and I think you'll dig their bluesy rock which certainly always gets comparisons to the Black Keys.

Find them on Facebook here, and see them Friday night at U-31 at 9:40 pm as part of the San Diego Music Thing.

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