Wednesday, September 19, 2012


On August 8th, the Ché Café transformed into an ocean as waves of sweaty fans crashed against each other, singing and shoving along to American Art, Weatherbox’s debut album. The album was released in 2007 by Doghouse Records, but was recently re-released on vinyl through Youth Conspiracy Records. In honor of the reissue, Weatherbox played the entire album from top to bottom. Brian Warren, the band’s frontman, was barely audible at times, as the audience sang every lyric along with him. As the night progressed, Weatherbox was sustained by the crowd’s enthusiasm. By “The Clearing,” the third song on the album, the windows of the Ché were hot and steamy. When Brian screamed the first lines in “Wolftank, Doff Thy Name,” a good portion of the crowd was shirtless. The crowd only settled during Brian’s solo performance, titled “Untitled,” only to reignite full throttle as the opening riff of “Moments Before the Smashing of Future Ryan” was played. The energy never died; in fact, it doubled for “Trippin’ the Life Fantastic,” Weatherbox’s final song. There was not a single dull moment during the show and new and old Box fans left the Ché more than satisfied. 

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