Monday, March 20, 2017

Get To Know The Irenic

I recently posted a little FAQ-ish list about The Irenic to my Facebook page, but since I'll be there tonight for Maggie Rogers--a totally sold out show where invariably I'll be asked the same questions over and over again--I thought I would repost it here with some minor tweaks.

The Irenic is a music venue located at 3090 Polk, on the corner of Illinois St. By day, it is the Mission Gathering Church and home to Street Angels, an outreach program and shelter for homeless teens. Mission Gathering Church was the group behind a very memorable billboard in North Park after Prop 8 was overturned.

1. All shows are all ages.
2. Shows start early and end early. Venue curfew is 10pm.
3. It is in a residential neighborhood with no parking lot. You're lucky to find parking within a few block radius. Plan accordingly in both time and apparel.
4. There is no alcohol. Beer and wine sales have been suspended for the time being. Hoping this changes soon, but could be weeks to months.
5. Cash only at the door (when the show isn't sold out).
6. There is no ATM on premises. Nearest one is at Vons.
7. A venue can never sell the tickets of people who don't show up. It's super annoying when you ask.
8. There's no re-entry. It's a liability to the venue and promoter.
9. If it's a Casbah show, the Casbah website is the most reliable source of information. "We were told the headliner didn't go on until 9!" You were told wrong. Headliners can start as early as they want, but very generally speaking are on no later than 8:30.
10. There's no outside food or beverages (even water) allowed.
11. Security may ask to search bags.
12. Cameras are ok. No flash, no tripods. Be respectful of audience. Some artists (very few) ask for no photography/video, in which case we have to honor that request.
13. Most shows are standing room only. Very rarely are shows seated and when they are, it's listed as such.
14. There is a smoking patio, but security might check ID for cigarettes and vapes. If you're not of age, they can be confiscated. (I've only see them do this at one show)
15. Soda Bar also uses the venue quite a bit. Their practices and procedures may be different.
16. You can only purchase presale tickets online. There is no box office to make such purchases.

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