Wednesday, March 22, 2017

2016 San Diego Music Award Winners

So, that's a wrap. The San Diego Music Awards took place at the House of Blues San Diego on Tuesday, March 21st. I have to be honest, it was challenging at times...from the guy who got in Darren's face about being in his seat (which I did not take kindly to) at our SoundDiego table to the fact that it started 45 minutes late because of the Tonight In San Diego episode running late...but it was a good time. I was able to get tickets for Darren and Nova to come, but with the time setbacks, they had to leave before I presented the award for best live performance. It was probably better, seeing as the madness that ensued when Schizophonics finished their set and Brian Reilly decided to smash his bass, launching half of it into Birdy Bardot's face, sending her to the hospital to make sure she wasn't concussed. Crazy drama and probably the most memorable moment of any Music Awards in their 26 years, and not one I ever hope to see repeated. I also don't feel like creating my own drama, but to the person who dissed the winners of the category they presented-- that was probably the rudest display I've ever seen and heard and you should be embarrassed to be such an asshole in someone's exciting moment.
Here's the list of winners since--if you were there---you probably couldn't hear anyway. I had an undercharged phone and left my cameras in the car, so no photos to go with this, but official winners list is below.

2016 San Diego Music Awards • Official Winners List

The following are the winners of the 2017 San Diego Music Awards, presented on Tuesday, March 21 at House of Blues San Diego.

Best Singer/Songwriter - Tolan Shaw
Best Jazz - Gilbert Castellanos
Best Jazz Album - Nathan Hubbard "Furiously Dreaming"
Best Blues - Whitney Shay
Best Blues Album - John Meeks "On a Sea Darkly"
Best Country or American - The Moves Collective
Best Country or Americana Album - Trouble in the Wind "Lefty"
Best Hip Hop/Rap - The Lyrical Groove
Best Hip Hop or Rap Album - The Knee Highs "We Put the Fun in Dysfunction"
Best Indie/Alternative - The Bassics
Best Indie/Alternative Album - The Verigolds "For Margaret"
Best Pop - Sister Speak
Best Pop or Rock Album - The Donkeys "Midnight Palms"
Best Rock - Schizophonics
Best World Music - Tribal Theory
Best World Music Album - Hirie "Wandering Soul"
Best Local Recording - Sure Fire Soul Ensemble "Out on the Coast"
Best Live Performer - Rebecca Jade & the Cold Fact
Best New Artist - Skyterra
Artist of the Year - Tribal Seeds
Song of the Year - Switchfoot "Float"
Album of the Year - Andra Day "Cheers to the Fall"

Lifetime Achievement Award – Wayne Riker

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