Thursday, July 18, 2019

Notes from Comic-Con Preview Night

I was just reading a listicle from Pacific-- Top 10 cheap eats at Comic-Con this week-- and not only did it make me hungry, but it made me realize I forgot a couple things on my Comic-Con page this year, namely, my little map of downtown with some of my personal favorite spots (which I just quickly updated so I can get back downtown.)

Preview wrap up after the jump.

Anyway, Day 1 was super fun. Me and Pyles made our way down around noon, found some unmetered/no time limit parking by the former Monkey Paw, then caught a free Circuit (formerly FRED) ride to Horton Plaza. Pyles picked up his Conan wristband then we cruised through the very empty and desolate Horton Plaza to check out the FYE Pop Shop.

They have a lot of really rad collectible stuff, but after you go through Konmari, all these plastic and rubber toys seem a bit silly, but hey, if that's your jam, you do you.

We moved on to the Amazon Prime Video pop up media preview at 1st and MLK. When it's open to the public, they hand out coins that can be redeemed at the various installations, however for the preview, everything was open, including free food from the Carl's Jr. Mobile Truck. We ate our lunch, then moved through the various show promos, but each line was a minimum 45 minute wait and we both had to be elsewhere, so we begged for swag and moved along,
Pyles leaving to his Conan taping and me to the Marriott.

From the Amazon Prime Video activation, I moved on to the Marriott for what was dubbed "Dragon Ball World Adventure Tour & Kamehameha Guinness World Records Attempt". If you're a fan of anything Dragon Ball, you should certainly check out their activation, however, watching people organize a World Record attempt is like pull-your-hair-out-and-stab-your-own-eyeballs-with-your-thumbs annoying and frustrating. There were maybe 60 media people there, all who seemed to believe they deserve the shot right in front of everybody else trying to cover the same shit, so everyone ended up like 8 feet in front of where we were supposed to be, which means the officials who were trying to film the thing for the official record had to move the crowd back and rearrange their camera perspectives and it was a total clusterfuck. But I guess they set a World Record for this thing that really has no business being a record.

Moving on, I left the Marriott to the Convention Center to get my badge then ran off to my favorite Con happy hour at Joe's Crab shack. ($4 Karl Strauss Tower 10) before returning to the convention center for preview night.

I wandered around, but at that point I had about 6 miles of walking on my bum ankle, so I left the convention center, wandered 5th Avenue for a hot minute before catching the trolley to the Casbah to wrap up day one. Now it's already two hours later than I expected to be downtown, so I'm on my way.


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