Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Overdue Recap: November Sight & Sound, 11.22.08

November's Sight & Sound event was once again held at Planet Rooth Gallery on Ray Street in North Park. It's such an ideal location for the event because it allows for the vendors, sponsors, artists, and musicians to all have space in one location and allows the crowd to meander throughout. (December S&S is this Saturday)

I enjoy attending the event and decided to stop by before the show at the Beauty Bar. Having not eaten, I was pleased that El Comal was there with some snacks and I talked to the woman who told me it was the same restaurant that used to be on Imperial Avenue (& 28th?), contrary to what I'd been told by friends. I cannot wait to go there.

It is a chill event and one I highly recommend. I couldn't stay long, but I did meet some cool people. I also saw Rob Deez perform for the first time. He writes quirky songs, mostly about chicks he crushes on but is too shy to talk to.

I also stuck around to hear a couple songs from Tropical Depression which made me really look forward to catching them in a full set. I was only going to stay for one song, but ended up staying for a few more.

Unfortunately, I had to bolt quickly and get on my way to Beauty Bar, but I look forward to this Saturday to do it all over again, this time with Gregory Page performing.

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