Monday, December 22, 2008

Boat of Car?

No, House of Boat! So last Thursday, wanting to kill some brain cells and rejuvenate the ol’ soul, Alex and I decided that the thing to do was to go to the Boat House to check out some music. Now I knew The Paddle Boat was playing, and I gotta admit here that I’m a bit of a loser (like you didn’t know) cus I had yet to see them, but really it totally wasn’t my fault. I know what your saying to yourself, your saying, “Petro, you always have some lame excuse why you haven’t seen bands,” but really this time its legit, really. I’ve lately been training (in secret) to become a Samurai nerf herding ninja auctioneer …please like you haven’t always wanted to! Anywhoo, we got there and man right off the bat what a great vibe, super cool people hanging and great music on the docket. First up was Golden Red, and I really dug them, so much so in fact that I am looking forward to seeing them again soon. For my money its was really simple music simply done well! Relaxed acoustic guitars with nice harmonies and a mandolin and slide guitar adding atmosphere and texture. Really nice! Next up was The Paddle Boat, and man, what can I really say... just go see them. I can try to put what they did into words, but I’d just fail. All I will say is that unless you are a zombie you will be moved, and if you are a zombie, The Paddle Boat just might be your redemption. They have a 7” release at the Ken Cinema on Feb 13th… just go man. Last up was Peter & the Wolf. Very, very cool and right up my ally. Freak folk isn’t the right word, but it’s the first one that comes to mind. I personally think the Kalimba with a pickup inside it was super cool, and am wishing that I’d though of it! Now if I can only find a way to steal his idea and make is seem like it was mine all along... he…

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