Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Overdue Recap: Slang Chickens & Scarlet Symphony @ Bar Pink, 11.21.08

Yes, I am weeks behind in recaps. I will start with oldest first and post as many, with pics, as I can before I get bored of my own writing.

This show was a week before Thanksgiving. I had me Dmitry the night before and since he was in town another day, I decided to take him out again. I had the plan to hit a few spots, but financially, it just made sense for us to stay at Bar Pink for the night.

The first band was Slang Chickens from LA and I liked how they mixed nostalic 60's style rock with hints of modern alt-country including some sweet banjo playing and some catchy as hell guitar licks.

Dmitry was a dancing maniac and at one point tripped and fell onstage and I had to tell him to chill out a bit, but it was fun and I think the girls he was dancing with had fun, too. I will summize from his enthusiasm throughout the night that he enjoyed his time in San Diego.

Scarlet Symphony played to a swarming crowd. I'm a little embarassed to say that despite the number of times I've seen the band perform and just hanging out at various shows, it was only recently that I actually met Gary and Aaron. And even last weekend when I saw Gary at the Ken Club, he either didn't know this site existed or didn't realize I'm the girl behind it, which is a little bit funny to me.
Anyway, they kicked ass, probably because the low Bar Pink stage allowed the crowd to feel like part of the show.

Like I said, I'd planned on bar-hopping that night, but we stayed pretty late, I dropped Dmitry at his chick's place, and I think I made it to the Ken for last call before calling it a night.

Incidentally, that was the night I photographed the billboard from Mission Gathering. When I posted that picture the next day, it generated 30,000+ hits for my site in a matter of hours, the most comments I've had since Band of Horses, and made it to the front page of StumbleUpon and Reddit. For some perspective, I get anywhere from 500-700 hits a day on weekdays, which means about 20,000 hits monthly. Because of that photo, I got over 85,000 hits in November. Clearly I am doing the wrong kind of blog.

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