Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Overdue Recap: The Shys, Army Navy @ Beauty Bar, 11.22.08

From Sight & Sound I went to the Beauty Bar to see Takeover UK, Army Navy, and The Shys. Mostly I was there for Army Navy. I had a great time at the show and the bands all delivered a great night of music. Unfortunately I was inhibition free and by the number of pictures I took (with flash, sad to say), I'm surprised someone didn't kick me in the head, especially the bands. I was having fun and when I have fun I go a little crazy with the camera. I caught only the tail end of Takeover UK and certainly not enough to write about, but I was there for all of Army Navy and The Shys and they definitely kept me smiling ear to ear for the night.

That is sometimes difficult, too, because when I see new-ish bands based on recommendation or press releases, I sometimes only get one or two songs to listen to beforehand, and I prefer being familiar with an entire album so I'm not blindly walking into something, though lately that seems to happen a lot for me and I just have to go with it. I thought Army Navy were great, and I was especially impressed by the guitarist's energy while playing since he had a broken foot and didn't seem to slow him down.

The Shys followed with an equally engaging set. Though I think this was a pose of "Good God, Woman, STOP TAKING PICTURES!"
The rest if you 'keep on reading'

I had the chance to see The Shys at the Beauty Bar once before and it was nice they came back. There are a lot of bands around right now with a similar pop/rock/dance thing going on and these boys do it well.

Slowly but surely I will catch up with all of these way overdue posts. 13 more to go.

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