Monday, December 01, 2008

News Nuggets

Since I was accused of using someone else's title with my news segments, here's what you get. I haven't done newsworthy items in a bit, but I thought I'd go back to my roots and share some info that I've heard in the past couple weeks.

1. Jon Jameson of Delta Spirit was thrown in jail! You can read all about it on his MySpace blog here.

I personally love his summary:
Morals of the story... don't take pills from my mom, stay on the I-10 when driving through Texas, not everyone with an 'assualt with a deadly weapon' charge is a bad guy, never enter Hudspeth County if possible, if you do have prescription pills keep the prescription with them, former Marine Texas State Troopers love Rage, cover all Obama propaganda when entering Texas and if you still end up in jail laugh at all the inside jokes.

2. The Muslims are changing their name? According to their MySpace Page and bulletins, the band will now be called "The Soft Pack".
Working on new material and firing on all cylinders, we feel strong about this one. It's a new chapter in our lives and hopefully yours.
Stay tuned to The Soft Pack page, as we will be posting new videos, music, and junk in the coming weeks. We are pumped.
(Thanks to Crystal for the head's up.)

3. The Paddle Boat have an EP that you can listen to on their MySpace page:
All four songs from our debut EP are now up on our page! The first two songs ("B-Side of a Life" & "Everything") will be released through Single Screen Records on a 7" 45rpm vinyl. A digital download of all four songs will come with the 7". It will also be available through iTunes for those who don't have record players and just want the digital version.

4. Gray Ghosts are here. A new band featuring Dustin & Kelly of Kite Flying Society, Frank of Down With Leo, Kevin of Ex-Friends, Matt of the Bloody Hollies, and Melanie on vocals and flute (though I don't know if she was in a band before). Their first show will be in January at Soda Bar. Here's from their bio:
Gray Ghosts is a six-piece indie pop band out of San Diego. Combining elements of rock, folk, pop, bubblegum and doo-wop. Gray Ghosts strive to emulate the fine songwriting craftsmanship of a bygone era while infusing it with a fiercely modern pop quirkiness all their own.

Gray Ghosts is knee deep in recording their debut EP, a 6 song affair featuring soaring harmonies, boy/girl vocals, warm storytelling, handclaps -- basically, the works.

Check them out on MySpace.

5. Last night was the final night of The Turf Supper Club before Tim, Sam and the othere pack it up and move to La Mesa to open Riviera Supper Club and Turquoise Room
(7777 University Ave) opening this month.

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