Monday, February 16, 2009

Devon & Her In-Laws Tour 09

I fell in love with Virginia on Valentine's Day. Driving back to Charlottesville on Route 20 and 15 after a week of shows with Devon Sproule & Her In-Laws in Richmond, Arlington, New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore was the cleansing experience I was craving between Killers tours. The colors of the bare trees and rolling hills in the central Virginian country were enough to make me a believer and a lover.

Devon Sproule, if you don't already know, is Matt Curreri's sister-in-law through Paul Curreri. Based in Charlottesville, their combined musical talent is enough to overwhelm any aspiring musician into skipping the playing bit and resigning to just listen to their records til the end of time.

The Killers played in Fairfax, Virginia not too long ago, at the Patriot Center at George Mason University. But, not surprisingly, trekking around New England in a tiny, overstuffed Corolla will make you see things differently than in a bus. You tend to meet the nicest people that way too. A few people were thinking I was crazy for not taking advantage of my ten days off between tours and going home to San Diego to relax on the beach and see my friends. But, I feel so lucky to have been able to finally play our batch of covers and originals with Devon and Matt for a week, I am again assured of my good decision making. Being in one place for more than a two days was wonderful, and to have spent it with such hospitable and talented folks made it that much more rejuvenating.

Twenty-four little hours after playing our last show as the In-Laws in Charlottesville, I'm in London, getting ready for the next leg of the Killers' massive European tour, starting at Shepherd's Bush Empire where we'll be sharing the stage with Coldplay. Time to charge the old camera battery.

Practicing at Home

Iota Club, Arlington

Living Room, NYC

Chillaxin with my 45

Bibim boppin'

Gravity Lounge, Charlottesville

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