Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blind Lady Alehouse Open in Normal Heights

I started this review over a week ago, so I'm sorry I'm just barely getting back to it, but Blind Lady Alehouse on Adams Avenue is open. It has been now for a couple weeks and I've already been back 3 times. Ir's right next to Rosie O'Grady's and fortunate for me, is just a brisk walk from Kensington. I suppose I could drive, but with a beer selection that easily rivals Hamilton's or Toronado, and considering none of my visits there has been under three hours, I'll walk, thank you very much. The food is amazing, too. They have pizzas that are made with all organic and locally grown products. I can't decide which is my favorite, but the sausage (Salsicca) and the four cheese (Cuattro Formaggio) so far seem to be our 'go to' pizzas. But on an especially adventurous and hungry afternoon, we split the salami pizza and the pizza topped with bacon and a cracked egg among other delicious toppings. And we devoured them. Besides the food and the great beer, the staff is courteous and friendly and so far every time I've gone I run into friends from the neighborhood. Kris, who lives upstairs from the restaurant had this to say about it:

Awesome, awesome place! How awesome you ask.... Well, for those of you who don't know it used to be A La Francaise, a breakfast and lunch nook, which was not all that. Petro and I live right above it so from 7am and on you would hear people talking, dogs barking which is not what you want to hear on a Saturday or Sunday morning. The Blind Lady opens up at 11:30am on the weekends so YAY for that! If you haven't checked this place out you's a cool, hip place that serves delicious bar type pizza...thin crust and very yummy crafted beers! For those beer lovers out there you have a pretty big selection and good ones at that! I love the whole vibe of this have two lines, one to order your food and the other to order your beer. No waiting for waiters or waitresses coming to your table you get up and do it yourself. That's right, don't be lazy! The owners redid the whole inside and it looks 10 times better then it used to. They have hardwood floor panels up on a portion of the wall, a huge painting of beers and brick walls! This place is just amazing so go check it out for yourself!

Here are some photos of our visits there:

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Lazy John said...

A la Francaise actually had pretty good breakfasts - not on par with the Farmhous Cafe, but still good. It's a shame one joint replaced the other; I'd hoped they were both there.